'No read, no pass' enforced

'No read, no pass' enforced

As schools divisions assail DepEd rules on laggard students

Apr 17, 2024, 7:12 AM
Darlene Pomperada

Darlene Pomperada


In a bold move, school division superintendents (SDS) from Makati City, Dagupan City, City of Malolos, Batangas, and Cabuyao City have stood against the unwritten “mass promotion” policy of the Department of Education (DepEd).

They have declared their commitment to enforcing the sidelined “No Read, No Pass” policy in their respective areas, challenging DepEd's approach to literacy and promotion.

Under Division Memorandum No. 150, s. of 2024, the Makati SDS indirectly criticized DepEd's policies, highlighting the importance of reading proficiency for academic success.

Similarly, the Dagupan City SDS, in Division Memorandum No. 99, s. 2024, set localized reading standards to address the issue of passing reading laggards from one grade to another, shedding light on the consequences of DepEd's flawed approach.

The City of Malolos SDS debunked the myth that the nonreader problem is limited to elementary levels, emphasizing the need for intervention across all educational stages.

Meanwhile, in Batangas, the SDS reinforced the enforcement of DepEd Order No. 45, series of 2002, to eradicate non-readers in public elementary schools within the division.

In contrast to DepEd's vague responses to the reading crisis, the SDSs advocate for the “No Read, No Pass” policy as a solution supported by historical evidence and the success of private schools.

They argue that promoting students who lack basic reading skills hinders learning and perpetuates the crisis.

As these SDSs take a stand, it prompts a critical examination of DepEd's strategies and underscores the urgent need for effective measures to address the reading crisis in Philippine education.

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