Mediaman Ray Junia to celebrate b-day with kith and kin, guests and other well-wishers
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Mediaman Ray Junia to celebrate b-day with kith and kin, guests and other well-wishers

Sep 29, 2023, 12:20 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


To gratify for all the good tidings and blessings and even the not-too-pleasant things in life.

This is the best premise, so far, in the celebration of the birthday of mediaman Raymund Junia this year.

Raymund, better known in his journalistic name as Ray Junia, believes that life is a fusion of yin and yang, the good and the bad, the contradictions that make life more exciting and livable--the dialectics.

Life for Ray is boring if it is only the good play because many good things never lasts, except of course, love and devotion.

In his seventy three years of mortal existence, Junia, has a matter of course, has been through a lot--the best and the worst--but he prevails.

He sees to it that he conquers the demons within and without him.

Each time he fumbles along the way, he sees to it that he rises again heads up, all4 the more challenged and ready to reap the fruits of labor he sows.

One of the things Ray is thankful about is the success of her loved ones in the respective they have chosen.

One of them is his first-born, daughter Michelle Nikki Junia's election to the highest post of the state agency on arts and culture--being the new ad interim President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Ray has always been a believer in his daughter's elan especially in the arts, mostly music.

Similarly, Michelle Nikki's headway in the arts and culture management is an achievement not only for her but for her entire family, most of all, for her dad.

Although there are still other winning streaks in Ray that have remained unravelled, unannounced because he chose to play just simply above ground.

He just lets his works speak for himself--his convictions in media work.

On his seventy third birthday, expect his kith and kin, media colleagues, guests and other well-wishers to send him hugs and kisses, cakes and chocolates, flowers and balloons, personal and otherwise, to signify their respect and awe to a person not as tall as a bamboo tree but pliant as is, a giant in his dreams and aspirations in life and realizing them big in the process.

Thus, the OpinYon family is at his beck and call.

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Photo Caption: (from left) CCP President Michelle Nikki Junia and her parents, Cora and Ray Junia (Photo Credit: Michelle Nikki's Facebook)

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