Male nurse gunned down after helping motorcycle rider
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Male nurse gunned down after helping motorcycle rider

May 6, 2024, 8:34 AM
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OpinYon News Team

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May 1 was a terribly unlucky day for this male nurse in Caloocan City.

Because the incident was carried quite extensively by traditional media and social media, it could define the limits of three sensitive human emotions from hereon--empathy, sympathy, and compassion.

Professional nurse Mark John Blanco, 39 years old, was walking home after alighting from a jeepney when he saw a motorcycle rider traveling in a zigzag fashion.

The rider then fell from his motorcycle and Blanco, ever helpful, rushed to assist the rider, later identified as Joel Vecino, 54, a security guard. Vecino was obviously intoxicated at that time.

Blanco assisted Vecino to his feet and also helped in picking up the motorcycle.

When the motorcycle failed to start several times, Vecino was so vexed that he poured his frustration on the male nurse. He shot Mark John Blanco twice in the head and once on the arm, killing him instantly.

Willy Manarom, 39, another witness to the incident, tried to stop the suspect but he, too, was gunned down at close range by the rider.

Vecino finally succeeded in starting his vehicle and even tried to escape. But he bumped into an electric post and was finally subdued and arrested by the Caloocan Police.

The police recovered three 9mm shell casings at the crime scene which matched the firearm confiscated from the gunman, according to Police Major Segundino Bulan Jr., chief of the Caloocan Police Sub-station 9.

Vecino is facing charges for double murder while the victim, Blanco, left five children with his wife.

It was reported that the gunman apologized to the families of his victims but did not categorically admit to killing them.

Motorcycle rider Vecino--by his lonesome, we believe--has redefined the parameters of sympathy and compassion. All those who have heard or read about this accident and twin murders will think twice if they should help or not their fellow men who are in need.

Many will opt to look the other way.

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