Madeleine Nicolas shoots a film, enjoys trike ride, Sampalok Lake in San Pablo City
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Madeleine Nicolas shoots a film, enjoys trike ride, Sampalok Lake in San Pablo City

May 6, 2024, 7:12 AM
OpinYon News Team

OpinYon News Team

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Even if television, film and theater actress Madeleine Nicolas is from Calauag, Quezon, the town doesn't own her.

She is a woman of many places.

And faces.

As a versatile thespian, she is a well-travelled person not just as a call of duty on the sets of her small and big screen roles but as a personal adventure as well.

After coming back from the US to attend the premiere showing of her film "Maharlika Warrior Spirit," she immediately returned home to fulfill her obligations for her TV, stage and movie productions like shooting in San Pablo City the film "Lanaya," written and directed by Clyde Capistrano.

In San Pablo, Madeleine experienced the most emphatic tricycle ride in the city.

Of course, she is familiar with trikes as Calauag never runs out of the mass-based transport system but riding a tricycle in a city as San Pablo was another unforgettable moment because her the trike she rode was above the rest—the seat was well-upholstered and the driver was very hip and kind.

It was also in San Pablo that Nicolas had witnessed once more the vignettes of fishing in the lake.

Mads, Madeleine's nickname has turned poetic as she scribbled these notes on her Facebook wall:

“Pangingisda ng tilapya at pagtitinda nito sa katanghaliang tapat sa (Fishing tilapia at selling them at noontime in (Fishing tilapia at selling them at high noon in) Sampalok Lake, San Pablo, Laguna. May dalang lamig ang simoy ng hangin mula sa lawa (The lake blows a cool breeze).”

“Lumang lambat, mga dahon, repleksyon ng mga ulap at puno sa tubig ng (Old fish net, leaves, reflections of clouds and trees on the water of) Sampalok Lake, San Pablo City, Laguna. Abril 23, 2024.

Mads even described the nocturnal image of the city. “The beautiful full moon last night in San Pablo City, Laguna,” she said.

When she packed up, one could sense Nicolas’ sadness of leaving San Pablo City:

“My scenes are almost done, kinaya ang init ng panahon (bear the heat). Will go back to Manila tonight.

“Grateful for work.

“Kinunan ang videos at photos kahapon (Photos and videos taken yesterday).”

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