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Legarda: Europe floods ‘harsh reminder’ of climate change

Jul 17, 2021, 3:27 AM
Bobby Ricohermoso

Bobby Ricohermoso


Rep. Loren Legarda said the recent floods in Europe that left 120 dead should be a wake-up call for the world especially for developed countries to fast-track goals to limit global warming and curb carbon emissions.

DEPUTY House Speaker and Antique Representative Loren Legarda has expressed her deep concern over the recent floods in Western Europe that left at least 90 dead, more than 1,300 missing, and buildings collapsed.

Photo from Inside Climate News

Photo from Inside Climate News

“This is a harsh reminder of the state of global climate crisis we are in. No country is absolved from its wrath,” Legarda said in a statement issued Saturday (July 17).

“Record rains, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, and wildfires will continue to ravage as global warming levels also continue to rise.”

Legarda, who is known for her advocacies on environmental protection and climate mitigation, also warned that adaptation actions to build resilience from these impacts “must also reach new heights.”

“But as mitigation is the best form of adaptation, nations must take deep cuts to industries and sectors’ carbon emissions to rein in runaway global warming and mitigate climate change,” she added.

“As nations prepare to reconvene in the UN Climate Conference this November, may this compel our world leaders to take bolder decisions and actions—especially in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to below 1.5C and mobilize at least US$500B worth of climate finance by 2025 for developing countries.”

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