Lance Raymundo recollects this Holy Week thoughts via passion play

Lance Raymundo recollects this Holy Week thoughts via passion play

Mar 26, 2024, 6:44 AM
Opinyon Batangas News Team

Opinyon Batangas News Team


This Lent season, actor-singer Lance Raymundo takes us to his inner sanctum as he introspects on life and other possibilities of a renewed consciousness.

Lance opens up once more about life's curves and its lessons.

The most memorable incident in his life was when he had an eccident in a gym that almost cost his life.

Raymundo was laying on a bench in one corner of the gym when his workout assistant dislodged an eighty-pound barbel that accidentally fell on the actor's face.

It created commotion among the people inside the gym when Lance was agonizing in pain when the assistant and his staff started carrying him out to the nearest hospital.

"I thought I would already die at that moment. It was very painful," recalled Raymundo whom I've talked several times about the mishap.
"It was an accident so I understood what was going on," said Lance.

Raymundo survived the ordeal that made him realize a lot of things and lessons learned.

"That we have to value life. We have to love our fellowmen," he smiled.

The most wonderful thing that Lance has done a few years after the accident was to star in a passion play, the most recent is "Martir sa Golgota," a production of Tanghalang Santa Ana produced, written and directed by politician and versatile actor Lou Veloso, Jr.

"My playing Jesus Christ in a passion play makes me a renewed person because I imbibe the values that He taught mankind.
"He reinforces in me the courage and determination to do good to others not only in this time of reflection but all throughout the year," shared Lance.

At 6 pm today, Holy Monday, Raymundo will once again regal and inspire the public who will join and watch him portray Jesus Christ in "Martir sa Golgota" at the Kartilya ng Katipunan in Ermita, Manila.

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