Kahilwayan Dance Troupe Shines As Guardians Of Iloilo's Cultural Heritage
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Kahilwayan Dance Troupe Shines As Guardians Of Iloilo's Cultural Heritage

Jul 1, 2024, 7:10 AM
OpinYon Panay News Team

OpinYon Panay News Team


The Kahilwayan Dance Troupe from Santa Barbara has once again proven its exceptional talent and dedication to cultural preservation with their stellar performance during the flag ceremony at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol on June 24.

This performance followed their remarkable participation in the "Parada ng Kalayaan" in Manila on June 12, commemorating the 126th Philippine Independence Day.

Their performance, alongside the "Cry of Santa Barbara" float, which was declared the champion among nine other floats, showcased not only their artistic prowess but also their deep-rooted connection to Iloilo's rich history. 

The float's victory is a testament to the troupe's ability to bring historical events to life, captivating audiences and judges alike.

The ceremonial lighting of the float, now on display in the Capitol lobby, adds a touch of grandeur to the already significant accomplishment. It stands as a symbol of pride for the people of Santa Barbara and a reminder of the province's storied past.

Gov. Arthur Defensor, Jr.'s awarding of the P1 million cash prize to the municipality of Santa Barbara, led by Mayor Dennis Superficial, further emphasizes the importance of cultural heritage in the region. 

The prize money is earmarked for enhancing the town's cultural heritage, particularly the improvement of the local church, a historical landmark. 

This decision reflects a commendable commitment to preserving the town's historical and cultural identity.

Mayor Superficial’s plan to use the funds for the local church highlights the community's reverence for its heritage. The church, a significant historical landmark, stands as a beacon of the town's cultural and historical continuity. 

Enhancing it not only preserves its physical structure but also reinforces the community’s shared history and identity.

The recognition of individuals who contributed to the province’s success with certificates further showcases the collaborative spirit that underpins these achievements. It acknowledges the collective effort required to preserve and celebrate cultural heritage.

The Kahilwayan Dance Troupe's performances are the affirmations of Iloilo's commitment to preserving and cherishing its cultural heritage. The actions taken by local leaders to reinvest in cultural landmarks ensure that future generations will continue to appreciate and honor their rich history. 

The Kahilwayan Dance Troupe, through their artistry, has not only brought pride to Santa Barbara but has also reinforced the importance of cultural preservation in Iloilo.

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