Jeepneys still part of Filipino roads

Jeepneys still part of Filipino roads

May 20, 2023, 2:01 AM
Zashi Garcia

Zashi Garcia


The Philippines' most iconic mode of transport, the jeepney, is as colorful and vibrant as the country's culture itself. With their flamboyant decorations and distinctively loud engines, jeepneys are a reflection of Filipino creativity and resilience, a symbol of national pride. Yet, they are also significant contributors to the country's air pollution problem, sparking a complex debate: Are jeepneys a mark of pride or a source of pollution?

Born out of necessity after World War II, jeepneys evolved from surplus military jeeps left by the Americans into a unique form of public transportation. They have become a symbol of the Philippines, featured in tourist brochures, and hailed as the "King of the Road."

Despite their cultural significance, the environmental impact of jeepneys is hard to ignore. According to a report by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, jeepneys contribute significantly to the country's air pollution, primarily due to their old engines and lack of emission control.

The government's Jeepney Modernization Program seeks to address this issue by replacing old jeepneys with more environmentally friendly ones. However, this initiative has been met with resistance, primarily due to the high costs that drivers and operators would have to shoulder.

This dilemma represents a broader issue in developing nations—balancing cultural heritage and pride with the need for environmental sustainability. It's clear that a middle ground must be found, one that considers the livelihood of the jeepney drivers, the nation's cultural pride, and the environment's pressing needs.

The journey of the jeepney, much like the journey of the Filipino people, is filled with challenges. But with collaboration, innovation, and understanding, it can chart a path toward a future where pride and sustainability coexist.

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