Inmate wins barangay  seat while behind bars
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Inmate wins barangay seat while behind bars; Outgoing Kap under fire over 1,000 ghost employees

Nov 21, 2023, 12:00 AM
Felix Tambongco and Edwin Moreno

Felix Tambongco and Edwin Moreno


TANAY, Rizal –- Even behind bars, an inmate facing drug charges handily won a seat for Barangay Kay Buto, for which the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) hinted at providing assistance if only to ensure he gets to perform his duty while in detention.

“The BJMP will assist him in performing his functions within the confines of the jail. We are looking into virtual platforms, similar to the bureau’s e-dalaw and teleconference of hearings,” according to BJMP spokesperson Chief Inspector Jayrex Bustinera.

Bustinera clarified that while the BJMP respects the mandate given by the barangay electorate, the bureau could not possibly give preferential treatment to the unnamed detainee who won the recently concluded barangay election.

“We will impose restraints on locomotion or actual physical movement, like all persons deprived of liberty in our custody. In the event that there is a pressing matter that the elected official must perform outside the jail, the necessary court order must be secured,” he added.

According to Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman George Garcia, the poll body has not received any petition to disqualify the detainee who won a barangay seat in Tanay.

“After ng proclamation, ang Department of Interior and Local Government na po ang may jurisdiction. Wala po kami na receive na disqualification case against the detainee,” Garcia said in a news report which appeared in another newspaper (not OpinYon Rizal).

Citing rules of the Commission on Elections, Interior Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. earlier explained that PDLs who are qualified to exercise their right to vote include those who are formally charged, inmates with pending trial, and those who are imprisoned for sentences of less than a year.

He also emphasized that PDLs’ right to vote aligns with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Rights, and the 1987 Constitution. (Felix Tambongco)

Outgoing Kap under fire over 1,000 ghost employees

CAINTA, Rizal – Even after securing a win during the recently concluded Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE), the new set of village officials in Barangay San Andres may not be able to deliver anything after discovering funds have already been drained by the outgoing barangay chairman.

According to incoming chairman Benson Conde, Barangay San Andres has no more money which they intend to use for community projects and programs in view of what he aptly described as drained coffers.

Citing revelations made by Barangay Treasurer Era Manalo, Conde accused his predecessor Jose Ferrer of massive corruption which included disbursing funds to ghost employees, ghost purchases and ghost deliveries.

“There are too many ghosts haunting Barangay San Andres,” said Conde who jokingly added that a fleet of exorcists would not be enough to clean up the mess.
“Buwan-buwan may ghost deliveries… bukod pa sa 1,000 ghost employees on the payroll. We're still in the process of validating kung totoong sumasahod ng P90,000 kada buwan sa barangay yung isang department head ng munisipyo,” Conde averred.

Conde however would not elaborate until after the Commission on Audit (COA) wraps up the auditing of Barangay San Andres.

“Maski pampasahod sa mga totoong empleyado ng barangay wala na kami, quipped Conde whose term officially starts on December 1.

(Edwin Moreno)

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