Hasten Public Market Development, Ilonggo Urge
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Hasten Public Market Development, Ilonggo Urge

Jul 1, 2024, 5:46 AM
OpinYon Panay News Team

OpinYon Panay News Team


ILOILO CITY — The ongoing redevelopment of Iloilo City’s Central and Terminal markets has sparked a range of reactions from various sectors, all expressing their unwavering support despite controversies surrounding the preservation of cultural heritage.

From the business community to the academe and local barangays, voices have united in urging for the timely completion of these projects, which are crucial for economic revitalization and urban development. 

The collaboration between the public and private sectors, particularly through a partnership with SM Prime Holdings, underscores a shared commitment to enhance infrastructure and community well-being.

Economic Repercussions

The Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILED) has emphasized the urgency of completing the markets amidst concerns over potential disruptions from weather conditions like La Niña. They highlight the projects’ potential to boost economic vitality and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

Similarly, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)-Iloilo Chapter and the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo, Inc. (FCCCII) have stressed the economic repercussions of delays, especially during peak seasons like the upcoming holidays and festivals. 

They argued that improved market facilities will alleviate congestion and enhance business opportunities, benefiting both vendors and consumers.

Educational institutions like the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) echoed these sentiments, expressing concern over economic disparities exacerbated by construction delays. 

They also advocated for equitable development that balances progress with community welfare.

Long-Term Benefits

While acknowledging the challenges posed by temporary market stalls and construction disruptions, stakeholders are resolute in their belief that the redevelopment will bring long-term benefits. 

They cited enhanced vendor spaces, improved infrastructure, and increased economic activity as key outcomes that will transform Iloilo City’s market districts.

While debate continued over the preservation of cultural heritage amidst urban development, the collective support from various sectors underscores a shared vision for a modern and progressive Iloilo. 

As these projects progress toward completion by December 2024, stakeholders look toward a future where economic growth, community welfare, and cultural preservation can coexist harmoniously.

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