A Bold Step Toward Progress
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Governor's Vision for Capiz

A Bold Step Toward Progress

Jun 19, 2024, 7:52 AM
OpinYon News Team

OpinYon News Team

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ROXAS CITY – In a bold move aimed at propelling Capiz into a new era of development and connectivity, Gov. Fredenil H. Castro proposed a P25-billion circumferential and coastal roads project.

This ambitious initiative, along with the ongoing construction of the P1.3-billion new capitol building at Pueblo de Panay, signals a transformative period for the province.

Castro has aptly described the project as "hitting 17 birds with one stone." The proposed circumferential and coastal roads will form a comprehensive network, starting from the town of Sapian and passing through Roxas City, Panay, Pontevedra, President Roxas, Pilar, Maayon, Dao, Cuartero, Dumalag, Dumarao, Tapaz, Jamindan, and finally back to Ivisan town. 

This extensive route is designed to enhance transportation connectivity across all towns, thereby fostering economic growth and promoting tourism.

"The project is aimed at having a connection for transportation in all towns that will benefit the economy and develop tourist attractions as well as farm-to-market roads," Castro emphasized. This vision underscores the multifaceted benefits of the project, highlighting its potential to transform Capiz into a well-connected and economically vibrant region.

Unwavering Dedication

Governor Castro presented the proposed project during the Regional Development Council (RDC) meeting held on June 5 in Iloilo City, where it was received with significant interest by various government agencies and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) VI. 

In his presentation, Castro assured the committee of his unwavering dedication to enhancing infrastructure in the province and solicited their support for the initiative.

As a six-term congressman representing Capiz's 2nd district and now serving his first term as governor, Castro brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the province's needs. 

His political legacy is also reflected in his family, with his wife, Baby Jane Tan-Castro, serving as the 2nd District Congresswoman, and his son, Dumalag Mayor Khuku T. Castor, alongside Sangguniang Bayan Member Fredenil T. Castro II, actively participating in local governance.

Strategic Investment

The circumferential and coastal roads project represents a strategic investment in Capiz's future. 

By improving infrastructure, the province can expect to see enhanced agricultural productivity through better farm-to-market roads, increased tourism due to easier access to scenic coastal areas, and overall economic growth from improved transportation networks.

However, such an ambitious project will undoubtedly face challenges, including securing the necessary funding, ensuring timely completion, and minimizing environmental impacts. 

These obstacles require not only strong leadership but also the collective effort and support of local communities, government agencies, and private stakeholders.

Visionary Endeavor

Castro's P25-billion circumferential and coastal roads project is a visionary endeavor that holds the promise of substantial benefits for Capiz. 

It is a bold step toward modernizing the province's infrastructure, enhancing economic opportunities, and improving the quality of life for its residents. 
As the project moves forward, it will be essential for all stakeholders to collaborate closely, ensuring that this vision becomes a reality and sets a new standard for regional development in the Philippines.

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