La Salle’s community pantry draws flak
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Elitist and pricey, La Salle’s community pantry draws flak

May 13, 2021, 4:21 AM
Heloise Diamante

Heloise Diamante


After widespread criticism, defenders of De La Salle University’s Mother’s Day community pantry says donations should not be limited to sardines and noodles.

On May 9, the Lasallian Community Pantry titled Dude, Pantry, Chong offered LaSallian favorites: Starbucks coffee, Becky’s Kitchen pastries, and Brother’s Burger meals along with other pantry staples even live music.

Online, however, it garnered negative comments regarding the price of goods and the money they could have saved by getting regular coffee.

Most netizens who commented were not aware that most of the branded items were sponsored by their respective companies.

Other comments defended the Taft community pantry saying that donations do not always have to be limited to sardines and noodles.

A few Lasallians pointed out that when they donated to the cause most of them suggested making the pantry special for Mother’s Day.

According to Martin Cervantes, one of the pantry’s organizers, a beneficiary even exclaimed “sa wakas, makakain din kami Ng masarap” noting that the items were more than the usual rice, vegetables, and canned goods.

La Salle’s Dude, Pantry, Chong Community Pantry was actually born from a joke meme image that a community pantry from the prestigious La Salle would offer high-end items such as Kirkland strawberries and Ritz.

In reply, the students, alumni, and faculty came together to make it a reality within days from when the meme made rounds online.

“Let's not confine what we can give. If we can give more, let us,” says Donela Tan, an alumnus whose defense of the “boogie” community pantry has become viral.

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