Climate change effects are real
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Climate change effects are real

May 22, 2023, 7:13 AM
Zashi Garcia

Zashi Garcia


Every year, our nation faces the devastating effects of nature's fury: heatwaves that scorch our lands, typhoons that ravage our homes, and droughts that dry up our fields. These calamities, already a concern in the past, have now grown more frequent and intense due to the escalating impact of climate change.

As the world's temperature rises, so too does the scale of our problem. Heatwaves are becoming more frequent and lasting longer, causing health crises and taxing our public health system. Typhoons, already a significant concern in our region, are increasing in intensity, leading to more catastrophic damage and loss of life. Droughts are worsening, threatening our agriculture, water supply, and biodiversity.

These climate events are not mere statistics or future predictions—they are realities that our communities are enduring right now. Climate change is here, and its impacts are escalating. But while the problem is global, the effects are deeply personal and local. It is our homes that are destroyed, our crops that fail, our loved ones that are put in harm's way.

But all is not lost. There is still time for action. We must push for better climate policies, invest in renewable energy, and build resilience in our communities. We need to harness our collective power to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to our new reality. We are not powerless. We have the means and the responsibility to secure a safer and more sustainable future for our nation.

Remember, in the face of climate change, every action counts. The increasing heatwaves, typhoons, and droughts in our nation are not just a wake-up call—they are a call to action.

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