CCP head Michelle Nikki Junia relives Nedy Tantoco’s legacy
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CCP head Michelle Nikki Junia relives Nedy Tantoco’s legacy

Feb 27, 2024, 3:58 AM
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Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) President Michelle Nikki Junia will always be grateful to the late Zenaida Rustia Tantoco, better known by her pet name Nedy.

Nedy had been a pillar of the CCP for years as a patroness of the arts and supporter of many of its arts and culture programs.

When Nedy passed on recently, Michelle Nikki was sad and introspective.

She began to reminisce about the many invaluable inspirations Tantoco shared with her.

”It’s important for me to share an inspiring woman I have had the privilege to work with in the CCP Board. She radiates beauty, calmness, passion, peace and compassion for the arts and culture.

“Our dear Ms. Nedy Tantoco, we are grateful for your unconditional love and generosity for the arts. I remember you exhausting all your efforts to ensure the requirements for the Krystian Zimerman project are put in order. Despite not being able to finish all preparations on time, you still pushed and made sure the impossible became possible. Such courage and immense love for the Filipino people. You want the Filipino audience to experience the best artists in the world and nothing less!

“You always went to great lengths and exhausted your network to bring help to PPO, Opera productions and other CCP Programs.

“You inspire us, the younger generation in the board, to offer the same amount of attention and love for the Filipino artists as you leave an indelible mark.

“You will always be in our hearts.”

Life has to go on, anyway.

According to Michelle Nikki, there will be more of Tantoco’s artistic and cultural projects posthumously aimed to enhance the vision of CCP to bring the best of Filipino arts and culture to all sectors of society.

“Celebrating the life of our dear patron for the arts Ms. Nedy Tantoco, Chairman & CEO of Rustans and former CCP Trustee.

“Planning the continuation of her projects w/ son Anton and son in law David,” noted Junia in her socmed spaces.

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