Binan’s Plaza Rizal becomes a nightly concert stage
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Binan’s Plaza Rizal becomes a nightly concert stage

Mar 4, 2024, 5:05 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


Filipinos are known internationally as citizens who are musically gifted as we can perform and sing with just a videoke or karaoke in tow.

Music bars and parties of all sorts—weddings, baptismal, graduation, passing in board exams, debuts, and other blowout gigs—are testaments of our musicality.

Musicians in the provinces and rural areas are also inspired to sing and perform on various platforms as long as they can demonstrate their talents and spread enjoyment and entertainment among viewers and listeners.

Plaza Rizal, right at the center of the city, has become a concert stage of sorts for talented Lagunenses like Andrei Quiohilag and Kyle Joseph Maucesa.

These two singers can attract crowds not only of their fellow Gen Z but the old folks as well.

At the time of our visit, Andrei was performing his guitar wizardry at the same time singing covers and some of his original compositions.

The audience loved him so much that they stayed until his show was over.

According to Kyle, who I was supposed to have already been scheduled to perform near Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument, he is a passionate musician.

“Tiyaga lang po (I am patient),” assured Maucesa with his guitar dangling on his shoulder.

Andrei and Kyle are just two of the talented Filipinos who will one day conquer not only the hearts of Binan residents but their fellowmen in the whole country as well.

Who knows, they might take the international center stage in the future with their brand of music.

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