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Candid Conversations

Be Entertained As You Get Informed

Jan 27, 2023, 5:44 AM
Vivien Mangalindan

Vivien Mangalindan


THE BACK STORY Have you noticed that ‘short attention span’ has become common?

During pre-pandemic times, adults used to blame millennials for that behavior. However, it has become ordinary among mid-lifers and ‘oldies’ too.

Something about the lockdown affected people around the world. Perhaps, it was a bad combination of having too much time, not enough to do and nowhere to go.

Going online became a convenient option. Netflix and TikTok suddenly became popular. Going on Zoom and connecting with people around the world became a new lifestyle.


People were bored. My formula: Be entertained as you get informed.

I observed that the moment someone or something started to look or sound boring in the slightest manner - it became so convenient to click away and find something or someone else online who could hold our interest.


With one click on the internet, we could go anywhere, anytime. We realized that we had the power to choose Who and What to give our attention to... The power to choose at a time we felt anxious, depressed and somewhat powerless.

People wanted immediate solutions - to reinvent themselves and quickly find new ways to survive. Of course, much information was easily accessible online, but even that was not good enough. People wanted practical and immediate answers.


Give them what they want. Observe: talks, TV, radio, print and online reports have become shorter.

The magic word is: CONCISE.

1. Get to the point.

2. What is your main message?

3. Stop delivering boring and technical gobbledygook.

Who cares how bright you think you are? Stop trying to impress people!

During presentations and conversations, if you want to hold people’s attention:

1. Start with a pick-up line.

2. Offer them a practical solution.

3. End with a do-able Action Point.

Remember my simple and clear formula: Be entertained as you get informed.

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