Battle of endorsers at shopping apps Lazada, Shopee
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Battle of endorsers at shopping apps Lazada, Shopee

Oct 21, 2022, 5:25 AM
Rose De La Cruz

Rose De La Cruz


A battle of endorsers are now on full-blast between online shopping apps Lazada and Shopee. For November 11, Lazada has picked Anne Curtis and Shopee is said to maintain Toni Gonzaga as its brand ambassador. But there are also reports Shopee is looking for another endorser for November 11 grand sale.

Online shopping apps Lazada and Shopee are now engaged in a battle of endorsers with Lazada asking netizens to identify its 11.11 brand ambassador following Shopee’s ‘guess who question last 10.10.

With a very familiar and commonly- used photo, netizens immediately identified Lazada’s November brand ambassador as Anne Curtis.

Netizens are loving Lazada’s choice of an endorser, taking a full turn from all the hate thrown at its rival Shopee, reported business blog site, Bilyonaryo.

On Friday, Lazada released a giveaway teaser photo of their newest brand ambassador for 11.11, the biggest one-day sale of every year. The fair skin, jaw line, and sexy lips confirm that she is Anne Curtis.

The reception has been warm compared to the fury that rained over Shopee when it announced that Toni Gonzaga will be the face of the brand for the 10.10 shopping event.

On October 20, the blog site, quoted Shopee as saying: “Ain’t a one time deal” with Toni Gonzaga as its endorser.

Ain’t a one-time deal: Shopee confirms Toni Gonzaga still an endorser

Shopee Philippines is keeping Toni Gonzaga in its roster of brand ambassadors despite netizens’ calls to drop her over her support for the Marcos administration.

On October 10, sellers using the Shopee app complained of slack sales because of Gonzaga’s endorsement.

Online sellers on Shopee are seeing a decline in sales– and some think the platforms’ latest endorser, Toni Gonzaga, is to blame.

Many pointed out that the slump started in September and extended until October, even during the 10.10 shopping bonanza.

“She is still part of our diverse roster of ambassadors,” a Shopee Philippines executive told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

But Gonzaga’s reply to her bashers: Thanks for promoting Shopee.

Gonzaga is the fourth Shopee brand ambassador this year, which started with Kim Chiu (22 days from January-February, carried over from 2021), Dingdong Dantes (231 days from February to August), followed by his wife Marian Rivera (231 days (March to the September 9.9 sale).

Shopee made the clarification after some netizens speculated that Gonzaga was no longer affiliated with the e-commerce platform because her photo was absent on its social media pages.

Ahead of the much awaited 11.11 grand online sale, Shopee said it will be naming a new brand ambassador.

The real score behind the fury of netizens with Shopee is not because of Gonzaga (although her closeness to the sitting administration has a little to do with the backlash in Shopee’s sales) but more with the employees that Shopee laid off after choosing Gonzaga as its endorser. She is said to be paid millions per appearance, an amount that could otherwise pay for the salaries and allowances of employees, who depend on their incomes to feed their families.

Why throw millions on one endorsers when you could please and feed several thousands of hungry mouths and educate so many students who depend on their breadwinners to keep going to classes.

Many, including some people close to me, have dropped Shopee from their lists of online shop options. Some of them decided based on politics (they do not approve of Gonzaga being a staunch supporter of Marcos) while others do it out of sympathy for those who were laid off.

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