Are we now ready for AI?
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Are we now ready for AI?

May 4, 2023, 7:19 AM
Paolo Mendez

Paolo Mendez


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hogging the limelight lately following the arrival of ChatGPT. This is a language tool that could produce letters, essays, and the like. Microsoft has already adopted the technology in its search engine bing and microsoft edge.

"AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all-search," said Sayta Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO during the launching of its AI-powered search and web technologies.

Now that the technology can be used by students in writing essays, emails and similar activities, the possibilities of misuse can be many. Are teachers ready to deal with plagiarism involving submitted school requirements.

However, there are some like Debby R.E. Cotton from University of St Mark and St John who published a study titled 'Chatting and Cheating. Ensuring academic integrity in the ear of ChatGPT'. Cotton focused on the benefits of AI technology for the 'engagement, collaboration and accessibility' of students in school.

Other findings claimed that it could be difficult to distinguish between human and machine-generated writing. This may involve developing policies and procedures for its use, providing training and support for students and faculty, and using a variety of methods to detect and prevent academic dishonesty. By addressing these challenges, universities can take advantage of the opportunities offered by chatAPIs and GPT-3 while safeguarding the integrity of these assessments and quality of their educational programs," said the study.

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