Antique approves P2-B Budget for 2024
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Antique approves P2-B Budget for 2024

Nov 20, 2023, 1:36 AM
Cheryl Luis True

Cheryl Luis True


The province of Antique has given its stamp of approval to a substantial budget of over P2 billion for the year 2024. This landmark decision is more than just a financial allocation; it signifies a commitment to progress, development, and the well-being of the people. As the province gears up for the challenges and opportunities ahead, the approved budget is a testament to Antique's dedication to fostering growth and sustainability.

The Provincial Board approved the over PHP2.041 billion budget in 2024 during its regular session on November 13, 2023.

“The provincial board was satisfied on how the budget for 2024 would be allocated that it decided to approve it on the third and final reading, right after the second reading,” said Vice Governor Edgar Denosta in an interview.

The Local Finance Committee also appeared before the council before the approval.

The province’s budget increased by over PHP145 million compared with the PHP1.8 billion 2023 budget.

Board member Emmanuel Palacios Jr., chair of the Committee on Appropriations, said the hike in the budget is due to the increased National Tax Allocation (NTA) share of the province by 6.23 percent, or equivalent to PHP95 million.

The budget will cover PHP847.567 million for personal services, PHP709.902 million for maintenance and other operating expenditures, PHP31.279 million for capital outlay, PHP452.293 million for statutory and contractual obligations and budgetary requirements, and PHP300,000 for financial expenses.

Provincial Government Budget officer-in-charge Melly Hinosa said in a separate interview that the personal services include the PHP511 million allocated for the salary increase of around 1,200 regular employees.

“Included in the budget for 2024 also is the five percent Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (PDRRMF), PHP102 million,” Hinosa added.

Antique's approval of a P2-billion budget for 2024 is a commendable step towards progress, touching upon key pillars of economic development, education, health, social welfare, and environmental conservation.

As the province strides confidently into the future, this budget stands as a blueprint for sustainable growth, emphasizing the importance of investing in its people's well-being and preserving its unique natural heritage. With this ambitious move, Antique sets a promising trajectory for the years ahead, signaling its intent to become a model for progress and prosperity.

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