Ambitious Dev't Plan For Panitan
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Ambitious Dev't Plan For Panitan

Jun 10, 2024, 6:53 AM
Joel Capundan

Joel Capundan


Mayor Katherine Belo has unveiled an ambitious plan to transform the town's landscape through a series of major projects facilitated by the newly established pass-by road. This road, a national government initiative, stretches through Brgy. In Agkilo, Bahit, and Salucon, offering a strategic route for progress.

"We are capitalizing on the pass-by road to initiate transformative projects," Mayor Belo shared during an interview with Opinyon Panay. "The municipal government has already acquired land for these developments."

Mayor Belo's plan includes the construction of a new public market, a terminal, and 3- to 5-story condominium-style housing. These projects, she believes, are essential for the town's growth and will significantly benefit the residents.

"We have 700 families ready to move into the housing project once it's completed," Mayor Belo said. "The housing will be developed immediately after the completion of the by-pass road."

Funding Aspect

The mayor also addressed the financial aspects of these ambitious projects. The new municipal hall, worth P120 million and nearing completion, was funded without a loan. However, for the public market, terminal, and housing projects, Mayor Belo plans to secure loans.

"Investing in these projects is crucial for the town's development," she explained. "We need to ensure that Panitan is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support our growing community."

Alongside these future projects, the new municipal hall building is set to open soon. Some departments will relocate from the civic center to the new building by the year's end, marking another significant milestone in Panitan's development journey.

Currently, the local government operates out of the town's civic center, but the completion of the municipal hall will provide a permanent and more efficient space for government functions.

A Brighter Future

Mayor Belo brings a wealth of experience to her role, having served as municipal vice mayor for three consecutive terms. Now in her fifth term as mayor, she continues to drive Panitan toward a brighter future with her forward-thinking initiatives.

"The new projects are not just about infrastructure," Mayor Belo emphasized. "They are about creating opportunities, improving the quality of life for our residents, and setting the foundation for a prosperous Panitan."

The establishment of the pass-by road is more than just a new route through Panitan; it's a pathway to progress.

Mayor Belo’s vision for a new public market, housing, and terminal promises to transform the town, offering new opportunities and a higher standard of living for its residents. With strategic planning and community-focused leadership, Panitan is poised for a promising future.

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