Agta Haunting Sitio Salcedo
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Agta Haunting Sitio Salcedo

May 2, 2024, 5:54 AM
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During night time, a creature creeps on houses like a visitor paying a visit to its own place.

In a far away sitio of Salcedo in Samar, lives a mystery of still unknown origin as of this day. The story is not shared with just anyone except to the folks of this sitio.

A creepy creature called "Agta" is what keeps the fire burning in the place. An alien like, dark and creature, with red bulging eyes, scary fangs, elongated tongue, with very sharp nails, is how the folks describe it.

It is said to appear every night in dark places of the sitio or anywhere in the woods, living in tall and big trees and watching over people.

Morning is just an ordinary day for the people of Sitio Salcedo, located in Sta Rita, Samar.

Hide and Seek

During the day, the barrio is peaceful and serenading.

As night comes, the place turns haunted. The creature hunts them at midnight.

The Agta likes to play hide and seek, if you get caught, you'll end up being missed for life.

According to locals, the Agtas are only after emotionally devastated and spirituality weak people.

Agta Attack

Based on stories relayed by victims, once the Agta drags them in an unknown realm, that is the time, they are being attacked.

These stories are now a part of life of sitio's folklore that could not be ignored. "If you hear or see something you cannot explain, just leave it be. Act as if you know nothing, do not mind, and do not let it bother you. Thus, negating strange experiences will keep away bad spirits."

Their Truth

The upside of this strange story is that the sitio folks had become conscious of their surrounds, making them more vigilant. With or without alert of its presence. They have become more open in discussing to others.

Regardless of the scientific explanation behind these claims, for the locals Agta is the cause and that is their truth.

A real life legend passed on to generations through word of mouth.

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