A new low

A new low

Jun 24, 2024, 1:09 AM
OpinYon News Team

OpinYon News Team

News Reporter

Mudslinging and black propaganda during elections here in Laguna province have been the rule rather than the exception.

And yet, just when you think supporters (and trolls unleashed by the machinery of traditional politicians) can’t possibly go lower in their efforts – well, surprise, surprise!

We’re talking about the recent series of surveys that this newsmagazine had been conducting on social media to gauge the Lagunenses’ pulse on who they want to lead their province, cities and towns for the next three years.

This newsmagazine never meant these surveys to become instruments for backstabbing, black propaganda and toxicity on social media.

And yet it’s clear that supporters of some aspiring candidates in this province have found our surveys the perfect tool to bring down their rivals by claiming massive online support (support which, as we had pointed out a few weeks ago, might as well been manufactured by online trolls).

Added to this is the thinly-disguised attempts of some propaganda pages to discredit not only these surveys but even OpinYon Laguna itself.

Let us be clear here: OpinYon Media Advocacies never meant these surveys to become a breeding ground of toxicity and hatred among voters.

As we had advocated since our founding, OpinYon wishes our media spaces – print, online and social media – to become a place where informed minds can share their opinions without having to resort to dirty tactics to get their point across.

Here’s a thing our voters who watch our social media spaces should consider: if these “trapos” are not afraid to stoop to new lows to gain popularity and prominence, what’s going to stop them from retaining their grip on power by using all options possible once they get themselves elected?

Let the voter beware!

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