4th Class municipality beats all odds
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4th Class municipality beats all odds

Mar 20, 2024, 6:34 AM
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If wanted, we can. The Anti-Red Tape Specialist (ARTA) lauded the 4th class municipality of San Roque in Northern Samar for its endeavors to comply with the Ease of Doing Trade (EODB) Law despite its lack of resources.

ARTA Secretary Ernesto Perez told journalists on Thursday that the fourth-class coastal town is the only local government in the Eastern Visayas region that has set up an electronic business one-stop-shop (eBOSS) in compliance with the law signed in 2018.

“It’s not impossible since a fourth-class town like San Roque with an unstable internet connection managed to set up eBOSS. Our mayors should have the political will to implement the law,” Perez said.

San Roque, Northern Samar Chairman Maria Ana Abalon shared their journey as one of the Local Government Units (LGUs) to get commendation for having a completely streamlined and digitalized eBOSS.

"Our commitment to re-engineering government transactions is centered around optimizing workflows, reducing, if not eliminating, red tape, and fostering a culture of environment and collaboration," she told a town hall meeting participants.

Abalon said the renewal of permits only takes one hour in their town, while new applications only take one hour and 15 minutes if applicants have complete requirements.

Perez said they are still finalizing the list of cities and towns that established eBOSS.

He noticed that these local governments recorded an increase in the collection of local taxes.

In the case of San Roque town, its revenue collection from business permits rose to PHP1.93 million in 2022 from the previous year’s PHP1.59 million.

The town hall meeting in this city is the first in the country under the Bagong Pilipinas campaign of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the Summit Hall, attended by officials from the local government and national government agencies.

Under the whole-of-government approach, ARTA's town hall meeting aims to inform attending government offices of EODB Law and ARTA's mandate and compliances. It also covered ARTA's ongoing activities, plans, and initiatives that will benefit the Filipino people through improved bureaucratic efficiency in the country.

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