400 aliens on BI's blacklist due to fake petitions

400 aliens on BI's blacklist due to fake petitions

Dec 2, 2023, 2:30 AM
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More than 400 foreign nationals are set to be "blacklisted" by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) after it was found that they have been petitioned by fake companies.

In a statement, BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco said that the move is part of the agency’s campaign to remove illegal aliens in the country, particularly those who use fake documents to be able to obtain visas.

Tansingco said that three consecutive audit reports from their verification and compliance division (VCD) revealed that a total of 459 aliens have been using fake companies in their application.

“These foreign nationals’ applications were processed using the services of accredited entities, authorized to apply on behalf of the foreign nationals. However, through our audits, we discovered that the companies that petitioned them are spurious,” he added.

The audit follows after local law enforcement agencies conducted raids uncovering scam hubs and prostitution dens posing as legitimate companies.

According to Tansingco, the subject foreign nationals’ visas will be cancelled and those inside the country will be ordered to leave.

Meanwhile, 79 accredited liaison officers and four BI lawyers are now facing investigation for their possible involvement in the racket.

“We are after aliens who falsify or misuse documents. Our drive against illegal aliens remains relentless, and we will continue to run after those who coddle such violators," he said.

The BI has already reported the matter to the Department of Justice, who committed to assist in the investigation with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

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