20k Cops deployed for Oplan Semana Santa

20k Cops deployed for Oplan Semana Santa

Mar 28, 2024, 8:14 AM
OpinYon Panay News Team

OpinYon Panay News Team


For the Lenten season, the Police Regional Office (PRO-6) will deploy approximately 20,000 security officers and force multipliers across various convergence points to uphold safety and tranquility through "Oplan Semana Santa (Holy Week)." This proactive measure, spearheaded by PRO-6 Acting Director Brig. Gen. Jack Wanky, underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguard public welfare during this significant religious observance.

In a recent press conference, Brig. Gen. Wanky emphasized the necessity of heightened security measures, particularly in areas frequented by devotees and tourists during the extended holiday period. With an anticipated surge in visitors to churches, pilgrim sites, and tourist destinations, the deployment of security personnel becomes imperative to ensure orderliness and prevent untoward incidents.

The collaborative effort involving various government agencies, such as the Bureau of Fire Protection, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Coast Guard, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offices, reflects a unified approach towards maintaining peace and security. This multi-agency coordination not only enhances operational efficiency but also reinforces the collective responsibility in safeguarding public safety.

Col. Gilbert Gorero, PRO-6 Regional Operations and Management Division chief, echoed the sentiment of prioritizing the well-being of devotees and visitors during the Lenten season. By aiming for zero major incidents, security preparations are meticulously orchestrated to mitigate risks and address potential threats effectively. Gorero's emphasis on securing pilgrimage sites and facilitating the observance of religious traditions underscores the sensitivity and attentiveness of law enforcement agencies to the cultural and spiritual significance of this period.

Beyond the realm of security, Oplan Semana Santa serves as a beacon of reassurance and hospitality, inviting both local residents and returning migrants to partake in religious rituals and familial reunions. The deployment of security forces not only fosters a sense of safety but also fosters an environment conducive to spiritual reflection and communal bonding.

As we embark on this solemn journey of faith and reflection, let us acknowledge the indispensable role of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding our communities. Their unwavering dedication and vigilance exemplify the spirit of service and commitment to public welfare. As citizens, let us extend our cooperation and support to ensure a safe and peaceful Lenten season for all. Together, let us uphold the values of compassion, unity, and solidarity, transcending barriers and embracing the true essence of this sacred occasion.

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