No plate, no travel' for tricycles

'No plate, no travel' for tricycles

Jul 1, 2024, 1:02 AM
Darlene Pomperada

Darlene Pomperada


Today, July 1, marks the commencement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO)'s enforcement of the "No plate, No travel" policy for tricycles operating in Quezon City.

LTO Chief Vigor Mendoza II has issued a memorandum to implement Section 18 of Republic Act No. 4136 (Land Transport Code), emphasizing the mandatory use of license plates.

"In compliance with RA 4136 and in coordination with the local government, all tricycle drivers and operators in Quezon City are hereby instructed to strictly adhere to road safety regulations," the memorandum stated.

Mendoza emphasized that every tricycle must visibly display valid and authorized license plates while navigating Quezon City's roads.

The plates should be securely affixed to ensure clear visibility.

"Any tricycle found operating without a valid license plate will face immediate apprehension. Drivers and operators will be subject to fines and penalties as stipulated by existing laws and regulations," Mendoza reiterated.

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