Level up your fitness goals with Dior workout equipment photo Elle
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Level up your fitness goals with Dior workout equipment

Oct 17, 2021, 2:28 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


Dior, the high-end fashion brand, will be releasing its first ever workout equipment line in 2022 which includes dumb bells, exercise balls, and treadmills.

A Dior branded treadmill? This might be the workout motivation you are waiting for to finally start your active and healthy routine.

Wearing luxury gear during your workout is no longer the height of luxury exercise.

Thanks to Dior, the very equipment you use to get shredded, or lean is yet another avenue to display your luxurious and fashionable style while working out.

The French luxury house has partnered with Technogym to release a small series of Christian Dior-branded workout equipment.

A treadmill, workout bench with dumb bells included, and exercise ball all come adorned by Christian Dior ribboning in the brand’s signature combination of white and blue.

Speaking about the collaboration, Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym and Wellness Designer, said: “This shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure”.

The collection has been created to celebrate the energy of Dior Vibe, a line combining sportswear and elegance, which was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the Dior 2022 Cruise show.

Whether you are a huge gym rat or just a casual workout enthusiast, it is undeniable that working out with Dior weights is certainly more motivating than your plain old dumbbells.

Fashion has always been about looking good and Dior’s ability to do that with its garments is a given.

So you could assume that it was only a matter of time before brands really start to offer a full vertical offering of product that would let you look and feel your best.

What better time than now when a workout station has become the latest must-have designer item for the home.

Dior’s first gym collection will be available to purchase in January 2022, with only a handful of the high-end sports equipment on offer.

With no price available yet, one thing is for sure, and that is that this gym flex won't come cheap.

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