Preparing for the rainy season

Preparing for the rainy season

May 29, 2023, 6:31 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


It’s almost the end of May. And early June, in the Philippines, means only one thing: rainy season is now about to start.

No less than PAGASA itself has said that “habagat” or the southwest monsoon that generally brings rainy weather, is expected to prevail over the country in the “next few days.”

And for many residents of Laguna province, that means floods will once again become part of our everyday lives.

Flooding is a perennial issue that many local government units in Laguna province have contended with for years. With urbanization and industrialization came the problem of how to deal with worsening floods.

It can’t be said anymore that we were “caught off-guard” when heavy flooding inundates our communities. Past experience should have taught us to be prepared for heavy rains, right?

It should also be said that LGUs should have taken advantage of the “dry season” to carry out extensive works to solve the problem of heavy flooding.

And flood-control measures should be more than simply dredging our waterways and constructing more canals.

LGUs must take a proactive stance in dealing with floods, such as requiring contractors and developers to submit a plan on mitigating flooding before allowing the construction of new residential or commercial complexes.

Let’s face it. Heavy rains are now becoming a norm, especially due to climate change. So the big question to our LGUs should be: how do we minimize the potential damage to lives and property due to heavy flooding?

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