More power sources needed

More power sources needed

May 15, 2023, 3:38 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


Its high time for the province of Laguna to become self-sufficient in power generation in the face of another potential electricity crisis that could affect businesses and consumers.

All the more reason for local government units to make this a priority as the demand for electricity is escalating. Population is rapidly increasing vis-a-vis the growing number of industrial and commercial complexes in the province, specifically in the Industrial Belt from San Pedro to Calamba cities.

While Laguna province is home to various power-generating facilities like the 684.6-megawatt (MW) Caliraya Hydro Electric Power Plant in Lumban and the 450-MW Mak-Ban Geothermal Power Plant in Bay, these plants don't only supply the province but also contribute to the distribution demand of many parts of Luzon.

There are enough large-scale power plants in the province. What's needed are local and smaller power stations could enable smaller communities to become self-sufficient.

For instance, the construction of mini-hydro power plants in rural areas could give them access to power sources at minimal cost.

As an added-plus, hydro and solar plants have minimal impact on the environment.

Solar power, construed as too costly for comfort, is not only the most viable energy resource but also efficient.

Last year, Ayala Land started the operations of the Alaminos Solar Farm, a 120-MW solar plant, that could supply power to up to 80,000 homes in the province. Recently, the Department of Energy approved six large-scale floating solar power projects in Laguna de Bay, the largest natural water lake in the country, with a total potential capacity of 610 MW.

Forward looking, LGUs should consider ways to ensure a stable supply of electricity to attract more investments to open more employment and livelihood opportunities for Lagunenses.

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