It’s 'Lucky 13' for OpinYon!

It’s 'Lucky 13' for OpinYon!

Sep 26, 2023, 6:14 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


Last year, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we made a slight error in reckoning how old OpinYon, the Philippines’ first opinion-based weekly, really was.

After all, at that time, time itself has lost meaning for the millions of Filipinos who were forced to endure restrictions, quarantines, and economic hardships.

Fast forward a year, and even as our economy as a whole still experiences doldrums, we are proud to say that OpinYon has come through the worst of the crisis of the past three years and is now ready to step up its game.

And 2023 is proving to be a very “Lucky” 13th anniversary indeed for OpinYon.

This year marks the reactivation of OpinYon Media Advocacies’ local editions in Batangas, Rizal. and Metro Manila, where we are once again serving commuters who are back in the streets after the pandemic.

We’ve also seen the birth of two new editions: our Subic edition, the start of OpinYon’s foray into Central Luzon, as well as Ports and Reports, a bi-monthly roundup of what’s happening at our major entry ports as well as other economic issues that are of interest to Filipinos.

Not to mention our Laguna and Region 8 editions have finally found their audience and are now recognized as leading sources of relevant information and analytical views on local issues in their respective locales.

From a humble start in 2010 as a “gamechanger” weekly that seeks to shake up the “traditional media” and provide intellectual discussions on socio-political issues of the day, OpinYon has come a long way, thanks to the drive and passion of its men and women who have stood by the paper through many ups and downs.

And as we continue to expand our horizons, OpinYon pledges to its readers and the public that it will stay true to its original mission: to politicize economic issues, bring an economic perspective to political issues, and serve not only as a source of information but as an instrument of progress, wherever we are.

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