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YouTube hides dislike counter to deter harassment

Nov 11, 2021, 9:34 AM
Heloise Diamante

Heloise Diamante


Say goodbye to the “most disliked video on YouTube” tag.

STARTING today, only the YouTube video creator will be able to see the number of dislikes on their video in a bid to promote “respectful interactions between viewers and creators.”

After an experiment done earlier this year, the streaming site found that newer and smaller creators were being targeted of “dislike attacks” more often than larger creators.

“Because the count was not visible to them, we found that they were less likely to target a video’s dislike button to drive up the count,” the announcement read.

To clarify, the dislike button will remain available should the viewer really must make their feelings known but only the creator will be able to see the number of dislikes with their analytics, should they choose to.

For a long time, the dislike button has been used in various ways including telling other viewers that the videos are clickbait, spam, or is spreading misinformation.

Another reason YouTube found during the experiment is how users wish to convey disagreement to the algorithm that recommended the video.

However, there are other ways to fix the YouTube algorithm to your liking through the other options; “Not interested”, “Don’t recommend channel”, and “Report” on the three-dot menu near the video’s title.

The company says that they will continue to monitor the effects of this big change especially in regard to protecting their creators from being targeted by attacks and bullying.

“This is just one of many steps we are taking to continue to protect creators from harassment,” YouTube promised.

Other social networks have also started to give users the option to hide rating metrics including Instagram and Facebook allow users to hide like counts.

Praised for acknowledging that the metrics have created a mental pressure on many creators online, more and more sites are seen to follow the trend of hiding like and dislike counters.

YouTube has said that the change will come gradually starting today, so if you can still see the counter now, that’ll be going away soon.

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