Tessie Tomas remembers last moments with Danny Javier
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Tessie Tomas remembers last moments with Danny Javier

Nov 3, 2022, 12:44 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


The local entertainment scene is saddened by the untimely death of Danny Javier, one of the three members of the iconic Apo Hiking Society.

Danny died of a lingering illness and his colleagues in showbiz are one in saying that the local Tin Pan Alley has lost a formidable and talented musician.

There are many popular entertainers who are disenchanted with the sudden demise of Danny, one of them the actress, singer, stand-up comedienne and composer Tessie Tomas.

Tessie penned this message on her Facebook wall:

“We’re gonna miss you, Danny. How lucky I was to have a chance to visit you 1st week of October. You were such a good host—for lunch your cook prepared—‘yung maasim talaga na sinigang na bangos (the soured sautéed milkfish)’ and adobong chicken. Plus your fave ensaladang ampalaya (bitter gourd salad). We had such a good time for like 2 and a half hours! Just talking about the good old days of ‘Walanghiya Talaga,’ friends, and life in general. And just when I was about to leave, you said: ‘Magbiko ka muna (Eat biko—a Filipino delicacy sticky rice in coconut milk and sugar--first)’ just so I would stay for a few more minutes.
“I’m gonna miss you—your music, wit, ‘pagkakalog (being funny)’ at pagka-pilosopo (being philosophical)’ at times.”

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