Success comes early to RC, child prodigy
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Success comes early to RC, child prodigy

Mar 20, 2024, 6:03 AM
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Success comes early for Ryan Christopher “RC” Leonardo-Ampon, the youngest member of the Filipino Advocates for Visual Arts (FAVA) and an accomplished painter at the age of 9. He just completed a sold-out art exhibit. He said he hopes to produce more paintings before he reaches the age of 10 on July 28.

The dictionary says a child prodigy is a person under the age of 10 who produces meaningful work in some domain at the level of an adult expert. For RC Ampon and the art of painting, such is an accurate description.

RC Ampon, together with other members of the FAVA, held a sold-out exhibit at the German Club in Makati City last Dec. 12, 2023 up to Feb. 8, 2024.

RC, who started painting at eight years old, is a contemporary modern artist who is painting under the tutelage of Maestros Brando Limon Bati and Rico "Pedrong Masipag" Aunzo.

He brings to life things and places he loves in bright colors as exemplified in his strawberry, bamboo and season series. With his passion, creativity and infectious enthusiasm, RC aims to inspire other fellow young creatives to pursue their dreams fearlessly and unapologetically.

RC Ampon is the only child of Atty. Ma. Theresa Leonardo-Ampon and Roderick D. Ampon. He is also a grandson of renowned human rights lawyer, the late Rod Domingo Jr.

FAVA, led by RC's mom, Atty. Tei Leonardo-Ampon, provides aspiring artists with opportunities to showcase their work, learn from experienced professionals and connect with like-minded visual artists and art enthusiasts.

FAVA creates and promotes visual arts that heals, inspires, persuades and advocates not only cultural development but also social change, while ensuring that all member artists are financially supported and that their dreams of transcending geographic, cultural and societal boundaries are realized. (DCC)

RC Ampon's "I Dream of Fall" with Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery’s Director of Sales and Marketing cum Room Operations, Marie Buenaobra.

RC Ampon confidently posing beside his “Bamboo series” painting.

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