Quezon Province show business and vice-versa

Quezon Province show business and vice-versa

Sep 16, 2021, 5:19 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


I vividly remember when future Sangguniang Bayan ng Lopez, Quezon councilor Arkie Yulde saw me one morning at one corner of the town. Arkie asked me about what’s happening in the entertainment industry. I told him it’s just like in politics and he chuckled. “Ang pulitika ay entertainment din (Politics is also entertainment),” Yulde quipped.

True enough. It’s not even derogatory or mockery saying politics is entertainment. It’s an objective truth. Quezon Province, other regional and national politics are one and the same, show business and vice-versa.

I’ve been in showbiz for almost five decades and I see no difference between the two—only the names and faces are diverse.

Primarily both worlds are in pursuit of power—to control in line with one’s interest. C’mon, there’s really nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is to gain power to be influential for the wrong reason for being like enriching ones’ pocket from illegal deals (conclusive and/yet complex for there are provisions in laws, decrees, resolutions etc. which could serve them unlawful), greed or avarice, prostitution (corruption is one form of selling one’s beliefs and principles in the name of fame and fortune) etc. These are mostly representations of the seven deadly sins which are ungodly and immoral. Power which emanates from the people should be equally shared to progress collectively.

How many politicians, public servants, celebrities in big and small screens—and now multimedia or socmed personalities—from Aparri to Jolo, from Socsargen to Quezon Province who are in pursuits of power or maintaining the status no matter utterly self-serving or oppressive of the many citizens in the name of artistry or public service, however reactionary, and to lend a lip service to humanity?

How many stars would just grab roles which would not liberate the minds and hearts of the viewing public in the pursuit of seeking livelihood (read: soaring TF) and popularity in the name of “only” portraying such demeaning and illogical characters for sheer entertainment value?

How many politicians would sacrifice decency by kowtowing the line of wicked leadership of governance to perpetuate socio-political power just like how many celebs would go unheeded and blinded by fleeting fame without commitment to truth onscreen deceptive in the eyes of the general public to serve the interests the few?

Because the socio-cultural structures of neo-feudal politics, showbiz and other agencies in society are all one and the same—attractive on the outside, destructive and oppressive on the inside to the marginalized people in the periphery—only a few are brave enough to confront and change them.

Enough of hypocrisy and indifference!

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