‘Pepito Manaloto’ goes back to the 80’s with prequel ‘Ang Unang Kwento’ photo from Daily Guardian
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‘Pepito Manaloto’ goes back to the 80’s with prequel ‘Ang Unang Kwento’

Jul 22, 2021, 6:53 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


Fans of GMA’s long-running sitcom “Pepito Manaloto” will now get to see the titular character’s past through a prequel entitled “Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kuwento.”

After 11 years on air following the family life of Pepito Manaloto, the gang returns weekly in a prequel that explains how their relationships began long before winning the lottery that kicked off the first series of Pepito Manaloto.

Titled ‘Ang Unang Kwento’, the prequel series first aired its pilot episode last July 17 on GMA Network.

The romantic comedy Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kwento follows the love story of the teenagers Elsa and Pepito.

It also uncovers how Pepito’s kindness brought many blessings in his life.

Meet the young Pepito (Sef Cadayona), Elsa (Mikee Quintos) and Patrick (Kokoy de Santos)

Meet the young Pepito (Sef Cadayona), Elsa (Mikee Quintos) and Patrick (Kokoy de Santos) photo from Manila Bulletin

The prequel introduces the fresh team-up of two of the Network’s highly-talented stars – Sef Cadayona as Pepito Manaloto, a shy but smart boy from Bulacan who always finds ways to earn money for his family and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who are in need; and Mikee Quintos as Elsa dela Cruz, a book-smart and extremely competitive student transferee from Cebu who loves to cook and whose charm easily captures the hearts of her classmates.

Making Pepito and Elsa’s lives even more colorful and fun are Pokwang as Aling Tarsing Batumbakal, Mang Benny’s sweetheart who owns a cafeteria in the barangay and who treats Pepito as her own son; Gladys Reyes as Aling Rosa Generoso, Patrick’s mother who washes clothes for a living and is a certified gossipmonger in the barangay; Archie Alemania as Mang Benny Manaloto, Pepito’s widowed father who works as a truck assistant and loves money-making bets.

Adding to the cast are future industry talents such as Kokoy de Santos as Patrick Generoso, Pepito’s good-for-nothing and clumsy best friend who usually gets the two of them in trouble; EA Guzman as Nando, Patrick’s obnoxious brother and Aling Rosa’s favorite son who excels in sports and brings pride to their family; Kristoffer Martin as Wendell, the closeted classmate of Pepito and Patrick who hides his sexuality by bullying others; Denise Barbacena as Elma, Pepito’s unattractive neighbor who is always teased by his friends and has a secret crush on Pepito; Jay Arcilla as Eric, the haughty best friend of Wendell; Angel Guardian as Beth, Pepito’s classmate who has a crush on Patrick and is also Elsa’s friend.

Travel back in time and discover where and how it all began in ‘Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kuwento’ directed by Bert de Leon. The show can be watched every Friday on GMA-7 Network and viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV. (NP)

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