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No humans hurt! You Tube creator makes real life Squid Game with real prize money

Nov 30, 2021, 11:10 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


A YouTube content creator recreates hit Korean show Squid Games with real cash money at stake.

THERE'S another real life Squid Game set up by a Youtuber and he’s getting a fair share of criticisms from netizens.

Social media personality MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, announced on TikTok on October 11 that he would recreate the South Korean show in real life if the TikTok got 10 million likes.

After it raced past 10 million – currently at 18 million – the multimillionaire set about recreating all the games from the show, in which debt-ridden Koreans play to the death for a chance to win 45.6 billion South Korean won ($38.6m) in prize money.

Hundreds of financially-strapped Squid Game fans recently competed for a $456,000 cash prize in a real-life replica of the dystopian Netflix series.

He is a popular YouTuber with 76.4 million subscribers, said the elaborate recreation, in which 456 entrants competed for the jackpot, cost him $3.5 million.

Taking to his Instagram story on November 24, the 23-year old MrBeast shared new snippets of the sets replicating every game on the popular South Korean drama.

As per details released by Youtuber via his social media, he has invited 456 random people to participate in his recreation of the game who will be seen in the popular green tracksuit.

The remake incorporated the same Korean children’s games shown in ‘Squid Game’ including Red Light, Green Light, marbles, and tug-of-war, all of which were built in massive sets that took weeks to assemble.

However, unlike in the tense drama, no contestants were hurt.

According to Forbes, the social media sensation was the second-highest paid YouTube personality in 2020, earning almost $24 million and receiving over 3 billion views.

However, users have lambasted Donaldson for reenacting a game about rich people exploiting the poor for their ghoulish watching pleasure in his most recent video.

Others remarked on the absurdity of Donaldson generating ad revenue by remaking a show that vehemently opposes capitalism.

One user commented on Twitter, “Totally impressed by the massive production and planning behind a YouTube video. That Hollywood scale!”

Another user complained, “So the irony is like just completely lost on you isn’t it?” A person commented, “So when the world record for biggest budget for a YouTube video”.

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