Homoeroticism in “Sisid”
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Homoeroticism in “Sisid”

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Mar 26, 2022, 9:52 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


Brillante Ma. Mendoza’s “Sisid” is a cornucopia of social productions.

It is a concrete manifestation of diverse relationships as rich and complex sources of defined intervals and intramurals brought about by the present and impending circumstances of the multifarious landscapes of an unprecedented future.

First, we see a couple Abby (Kylie Versoza) and Jason (Paolo Gumabao) whose stability of liaison is initially shattered by the wife’s cervical cancer but still they go on with their respective businesses—the Big C victim goes with her marine biologist hubby to the coastal community of Pola in Mindoro Oriental province to play wallflower to his biodiversity formal work and advocacy. These scenarios are brought in by their society’s expectations of them to heal the ailing natural reserves of the coral reefs and fishing bay in the pristine town.

And to make their seven-year-itch marriage work as is-- in the idyll more intertwining advocacy despite their wanting a child-- they stay in an organic farm maintained by their buddy Blessie (Myton Eugenio) where they meet diver, animal caregiver Dennis (Vince Rillon) around town. It is the quotidian daily interaction in the countryside.

Meanwhile, Dennis is committed if not only sexually fascinated with Tanya (Christine Bermas) who he impregnates in a few while which makes their rural hetero affair upside down by the traditional demands of the girl’s family from the feudal web of filial harassment and finally—all’s well that ends well—harmony. This is a micro world of the parochial simplicity yet complicity plays in actively underscoring poverty.

Clearly, we see on one dimension the gender configurations in these connections plainly but there are more colorful and intriguing if not defying dominant gender rule by subcultures on the side like gay trysts if not homoerotic tendencies and expressions.

Love in any of its forms and contents is a complicated affair as the same sex attraction between Jason and Dennis.

Who would ever think that his first gaze on Jason would be Dennis’ unleashing his infatuation if not platonic predilection as assistant to the marine scientist mutually responded in the offing by the latter in their aquatic expeditions foreshadowed in loving, subserviently if at all friendly penchant by the younger sea man, e.g., sharing one water oxygen mouthpiece when Jason’s tank honked out, Dennis back body massaging and flexing his boss’ arm muscles, helping Jason take off his tight diving outfit etc.?

These niceties sent Jason to fertile imagination and sexual fantasy when he was alone in the shower room jockeying off.

Both are outwardly straights but deep inside them runs the homoerotic pulse waiting to burst and explode which eventually captivated and consummated them in the middle of the ocean.

Truth to tell, Jason and Dennis sexual attraction to each other is not a threatening homosexuality of a lifetime but just a fleeting gaiety or an adventure in a few days which later caught Abby running amuck but she might have realized and reconsidered her option when she was alive.

Homoeroticism in Mendoza’s book is a temporary persuasion between male and male or female and female that can still withstand its relevance in the kindness and openness of humanity.

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