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From reel to real! Squid Games fever catches UAE

Oct 13, 2021, 11:26 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


The blockbuster hit Squid Games from Netflix will be played in real life in Abu Dhabi. Though with no violence and murders involved, participants will be playing the games from the hit Korean series.

ARE you ready to take on the Squid Games in real life?

It may only take you a flight to Abu Dhabi to have a chance to play your favorite games from the Netflix Korean survival drama.

The Korean Cultural Centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is organizing a re-enactment of the games seen in the Netflix series for two teams of 15 participants.

The event is slated to be held this October 12, in two sessions at the Centre's Abu Dhabi office.

“To match up to the worldwide popularity of ‘Squid Game’, the Korean series on NETFLIX, Korean Cultural Center in the UAE has organized an event that you can also enjoy the games played in Squid Game,” KCC’s official website stated.

Well it might not be as brutal as the real Squid Games as the public were assured that there will be no violence involved in the UAE version of the Squid Game.

The event involves games actually played in the show.

Two teams of 15, wearing T-shirts featuring the show's logo.

The teams will play Red Light Green Light, Dalgona candy challenge, and paper flipping games Marbles and Ddakji.

The Centre's games will be held in two-hour, tournament-style sessions, and the eliminated players will get to watch the rest of the games from the sidelines.

Sadly, there is no 45.6 billion won prize money.

There were no recruiters running around UAE to scout for players as participants with green passes are the only ones that are invited.

It was an invite-only event where the applications were selected after their registration on the official website and only the selected applicants, who received an e-mail invite, would be allowed.

Squid Game fever continues to sweep the internet and is turning some previously commonplace Korean games and snacks into global trends.

The show is still Netflix’s most popular show worldwide up to date and there is no signs of slowing down with its viewership.

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