Comebacking broadcaster Faye Romero regrets no-see BFF popular DJ Moodie Jam before death
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Comebacking broadcaster Faye Romero regrets no-see BFF popular DJ Moodie Jam before death

Aug 30, 2023, 12:20 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


It takes a tragedy to imprint vivid memories, good and bad, in one's mind, and to release them, eventually, to feel fine.

The death of popular FM disc jockey (DJ) Moodie Jam recently has sent spiraling remorseful thoughts on her fellow broadcaster Faye Romero, an erstwhile co-anchor in the AM band DZEC of the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Faye, who has just returned from the US after years of stay abroad, has been in touch with Moodie, a friend of long standing and high ranking manager at Pinas FM and net25.

"Moodie was more than a friend to me. She was a surrogate sister. She was a kind professional colleague in the media.
"More than that, I considered her my BFF (Best Friend Forever). It was really a shock for me to learn that she died the moment I was just thinking of her.
"When I received the news that she died, I was devastated. My heart bleeded," lamented Romero who had more or less one decade of broadcast stint at EBC.

According to Faye, she knew Moodie, Magdalena Estrada in real life, had been suffering from acute kidney disease.

"Even when I was still in the US, we communicated regularly," she volunteered.

Personally, this writer has been privy to Romero's actitivities since she came home two weeks ago.

Faye said on the very day she landed in the country that she must meet Moodie and another broadcaster, Mel Estonilo, formerly with DWIZ and now with DZUP, the radio station of the University of the Philippines where she also teaches at the College of Mass Communication.

"Mel is also my BFF," Faye disclosed.

Romero said she talked on the phone with Moodie last August 18, 2023 about watching the concert of Rainmakers together the following day.

It was a wait and see attitude as Moodie wasn't feeling well anymore. "That's why I had to drag my sister along instead,," recalled Faye.
On August 20, Romero said Moodie was already in a critical condition. "Her daughter called me but instead of paying her a visit in the hospital I went somewhere else because I thought I would still see her," Faye sighed.

Until Moodie died on August 23, Romero hadn't seen her personally.

"I was and still am guilty by not seeing Moodie when she was still alive. What I did was to be in her wake every day until her interment," she declared.

Photo Caption: Moodie Jam (left) and Faye Romero (right) during happier times (Photo Credit: Faye Romero's Facebook)

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