2022 Fil-Am Miss U. R’Bonney Gabriel aims to be a transformational leader

2022 Fil-Am Miss U. R’Bonney Gabriel aims to be a transformational leader

Jan 16, 2023, 6:26 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


The loss of one is the victory of another.

That’s how the fates of two half-bred Filipino women had become when Fil-American R’Bonney Gabriel, 2022 Miss USA won the coveted title of 2022 Miss Universe held in New Orleans in the US Saturday evening while Fil-Italian Celeste Cortesi lost the race.

R’Bonney, born to a Filipino father and an American mother, was easily announced in the initial phase of the quest as an American who has roots from the Philippines.

As early as the search ensued, Gabriel has opened up about his parents and their humble beginnings. She informed the public that her dad moved to America from the Philippines on a college scholarship with about $20 to his pocket. She said that he just wanted to pave a new life for himself. R’Bonney said that her dad met her mom, a country woman from Beaumont in Texas.

“I’m a proud Filipina Texan,” she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, action star and character actor Dindo Arroyo posted in his Facebook page a revelation about R’ Bonney’s family background. “Filipino Dad APO NI COACH BABY DALUPAN MAY NAG RELAY SA AKIN NG INFO (Someone relayed the info to me).

An add- up to Gabriel’s personal file is her pursuit of ideals as seen in her performance with the Q@A portion of the Miss U.

2022 Miss USA was asked “If you win Miss Universe, how would you work to demonstrate this as an empowering and progressive organization?”

She answered:

“Well, I would use it to be a transformational leader. As a very passionate designer, been serving for 13 years, I use fashion as a force for good. In my industry, I am cutting down on pollution through recycled materials when I make my clothing. I teach sewing classes to women that have survived human trafficking and domestic violence. I say that because it is so important to invest, and others invest in our community and use your unique talent to make a difference. We all have something special and when we plant those seeds to other people in our life, we transform them and we use that as a vehicle for change.”

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