The best in us

The best in us

Jul 26, 2021, 3:23 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


WE do believe in the dictum that says “in every adversity, there is an opportunity.”

And that may not always refer to business opportunities opening up amid calamities and other unfavorable circumstances.

Rather, it could also be an opportunity for us people to draw or bring out the best in us during adversities or misfortunes, heartaches, pains like what we have now.

No thanks again to Taal Volcano’s renewed activity.

As it spewed up to more than 22,000 tonnes of sulfur dioxide and a good amount of magma phreatic ash, people living within the Phivolcs-declared 7-km danger zone suddenly found themselves in evacuation sites, leaving their immovable properties behind.

We never had been evacuees ourselves and we could only imagine how hard it is sleeping on hard surface basketball gyms and school rooms have to offer, add to it the uncomfortable moments using comfort rooms you are not used to using.

Another discomfort one has to endure at resettlement sites is the part of queueing up for food rations and other necessary items coming from generous, kind-hearted individuals who stepped out of their comfort zones braved the specter of contracting the disease and everything.

Some of them may have political motives but forget about that for they are the heroes among us, ready to shell out the best in themselves amid adversity.

As we said, some of them might be politicians but some are not who are simply willing to share what they have.

And mind you, not all of them went out to visit evacuation sites in Batangas and we doff our hats to those who have taken time, shared the best in them, their generosity and all.

Maybe God Almighty allows disasters to happen as a barometer for mankind, what is in their heart towards their own kind who are in distress.

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