Thank You, Covid!

Thank You, Covid!

Mar 28, 2022, 5:25 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


Dread, fear, death, maiming of the world and local economy are the synonyms that all of us will forever remember in the dawning of the Covid menace.

Disastrous is actually still too kind a word to describe this pandemic.

While some parts of the world and here at home suffered too much from its ill effects, some undeniably benefitted.

Up until now we could only be grateful to the official national emergency declaration by Malacañang in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid or cause further harm to the people and the economy.

On one hand, there was the rub ... and silent “rob.”

A good example of this is the never-ending, overflowing ayuda system and cash assistance. Incumbent officials who are running for re-election get undue edge against their rivals in the coming elections for they are the holders of the pursestring.

The Batangas Province Capitol, for instance, still hold on to these activities that are justified as Covid or disaster-related.

These come in the guise of pandemic assistance that the Capitol constantly gives out even in this campaign season. And the reason is valid, as they justify it.

Other LGUs are doing it too.

We are actually very happy that affected constituents get a share of what they truly deserve in terms of ayuda and service.

Too bad aspiring challengers to a political seat culd not even controvert such actions lest they be condemned by the people who benefit most from these dole outs.

Incumbent public officials who are also re-electionists are just too happy to comply to further their chances in staying in office beyond May 9, 2022.

Thank you, Covid-19, must be what they are silently uttering to get their way around rivals.

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