State-of-the-art HIM to rise soon

Jan 19, 2024, 6:11 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


‘Hapag Isdaan ng Mamamayan’ (HIM) will soon rise in Batangas, boosting the livelihood of fisherfolk and other poor residents of the province. Governor Mandanas visits the Lucena Fish Port to gain learnings about port operations.

BATANGAS City – For sure this would be counted as among his many legacies in the province of Batangas.

It's no other than the state-of-the-art fish port project that is aptly named Hapag Isdaan ng Mamamayan, which will soon be constructed.

In short, it’s HIM, exactly the initials of Gov. Hermilando Ingco Mandanas’ full name.

The Hapag Isdaan ng Mamamayan (HIM) is loosely translated in English as “Fish for the Masses.”

Right now, the Batangas provincial government is strategically studying the operations of various fish ports in Calabarzon and across the country, gaining valuable insights for the upcoming construction of a cutting-edge food terminal in Batangas.

A groundbreaking ceremony was already held for the HIM training and research center, the first step according to the provincial government.

Governor Hermilando Mandanas recently disclosed plans to commence the construction of a food transport hub on a vast coastal property in the province within the year although the total project cost is yet unknown. It could be in the vicinity of around one billion pesos.

The envisioned food terminal aims to streamline food transport across Southern Luzon while simultaneously generating employment opportunities for the residents of Batangas.

Batangas Provincial Agriculturist Rod Bautista said that Governor Mandanas personally led a benchmarking activity recently at the Lucena Fish Port Complex in Quezon province on Monday (08 Jan 2023).

This visit, part of the "Hapag Isdaan ng Mamamayan (Fish for the Masses)” project, provided crucial insights into fish port operations, design, facilities, and income generation.

Bautista emphasized the government's role in enhancing post-harvest facilities to boost the agriculture and fishing industry in the province and neighboring areas.

"Our visit last Monday was of great help, especially in teaching fishermen and vendors about product handling to reduce wastage due to more careful and modern handling of catches."

The provincial government, under the leadership of Governor Mandanas, is actively engaging in a pre-feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis based on recommendations from the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA).

This strategic approach aims to ensure proper operational and organizational procedures for the regional fish port operation.

The "Hapag Isdaan ng Mamamayan Fish Port" falls under the supervision of a Technical Working Group, led by the governor himself. The panel also includes representatives from the Provincial Agriculturist, Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), and the Provincial Engineer's Office.

Governor Mandanas has previously visited the General Santos Fish Port Complex in South Cotabato, recognized as the country's second-largest fish port.

Looking ahead, the province plans to explore further insights by visiting the Navotas Fish Port Complex, known as the oldest and largest fish port in the country.

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