Life’s now worth only P2K?

Life’s now worth only P2K?

May 31, 2021, 2:47 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


So it seems. Yes, unfortunately. And a very sad fact, indeed.

This is based on a recent killing incident in the city of Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

As confirmed by no other than the city’s chief of police in PLC Armie Agbuya, Sto. Tomas City’s latest crime posted in their logbook was that of a passion crime where the mastermind paid the trigger and cohorts but a measly sum of P10,000 to do it.

As they were allegedly five (5) in all, they divided equally between themselves the P10K contract at P2,000 each for the kill.

As easy as that.

But the very sad and most chilling fact is, life for us hereabouts, especially amid the prevailing health crisis, has greatly deteriorated for all its worth.

The measly sum of P2,000 to take a human life seems too hard to fathom for us humans in this civilized world.

And in the words of chief Agbuya, the alleged mastermind, accordingly a battered live-in partner, may have all the reasons fighting back abuses done to her and her daughter but still “it doesn’t merit her to take the law into her own hands.”

More so, to plot and kill her “abusive” live-in partner by gun for hire killers simply boggles the mind.

Accordingly, active on community affairs, the lady suspect, who is now also languishing in jail together with the five “contract killers,” could have easily sought police assistance or from force multipliers, slap him with a legal suit.

But she opted to take the harsh, inhuman way.

She may have succeeded in stopping the abuses of her live-in partner the unthinkable way but she also ruined her own life in the process and her own family.

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