BATANGAS  James Blanco attends premiere night of COVID-19 film in Pola
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James Blanco attends premiere night of COVID-19 film in Pola, Oriental Mindoro

Mar 10, 2022, 8:43 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


Finally, the Neal “Buboy” Tan-directed film “40 Days” has hit the screen.

Not necessarily in theaters or online streaming but in the most resourceful means.

The premiere night of the movie was held in a faraway town as Pola in Oriental Mindoro with no less than the major actor of project in tow.

As early as two days before the special screening, some members of the movie press were shipped to Calapan City port from Batangas City Pier all the way to Pola by van.

It must have been the ingenuity of Neal that an auditorium in Pola was converted into a screening hall complete with a projector and widescreen. On his side was the mayor of the town, Jennifer Mindanao Cruz herself, who was one of the stars of the film as she is an actress named Ina Alegre, an erstwhile sexy star who managed to climb the social ladder of fame and influence. Tan and Ina have been friends for ages.

Actress Cataleya Surio wasn’t sure of the whole cast of their film could make it on the day of the event.

Voila! James Blanco, the lead star of the film on COVID-19 pandemic made it to the premiere night but missed the presence of his leading lady Michelle Vito. It’s an advocacy film to educate the masses in the hinterlands.

What is more surprising and encouraging to Alegre and Tan was the presence of ABS-CBN artist EJay Falcon who’s a Pola native himself.

Well, EJay’s attendance could boost his camaraderie to the movie world sets apart by cliques coming from all directions and his campaign as a provincial board member of the Mindoro district.

In the same vein, Jennifer Cruz is also in the mayoral reelection bid. It must have been hitting two birds with one stone for her.

“40 Days” rural showing is also an invasion of modern technology as a form in one of the remotest farming spaces in the country whose socio-political contents need to be addressed by any other filmmaking equipment.

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