School bags, supplies for 40K Tanauan studes

Aug 30, 2023, 12:49 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


'We will continue to strengthen education in our city with unwavering dedication. This effort serves as a path for young Tanaueños to pursue their aspirations and evolve into capable, productive citizens ... to advance education quality in Tanauan City continues!' — Mayor Collantes

TANAUAN CITY – Guided by the able leadership of Mayor Sonny Collantes, the local government of Tanauan City has taken a significant step by providing school bags and essential supplies to approximately 38,277 students, marking the initiation of the city's balik-eskwela program for the forthcoming academic year, 2023-2024.

According to Tanauan City's Public Information Chief, Daniel Paul de la Piedra, the students are enrolled across 52 elementary and high school institutions spread across the city's 48 barangays.

A week before the August 29, start of SY 2023-24, the Department of Education recorded over 16.8 million learners for School Year (SY) 2023-2024 nationwide.

"To ensure a smooth and organized distribution process, the city's schools division has arranged seven different distribution dates that started on the 15th of August and the final day concluded last Wednesday, 23rd of August,” De la Piedra shared.

Commitment, Involved

Mayor Sonny Collantes himself, said the PIO chief, has dedicated his time to oversee each distribution event, demonstrating his commitment to the program.

"Mayor Collantes is personally involved and present in each event," he said.

The school bags have been thoughtfully equipped with essentials such as notebooks, pencils, ball pens, erasers, and other necessary tools to support students' learning experiences.

Shoes, too

Beyond the distribution of school supplies, Mayor Collantes has also calendared to distribute school shoes to high school students in the city, De la Piedra added.

"This is a testament to Mayor Collantes' dedication to ensuring that every student is supported, well-equipped going back to school."

60K Citizen Cards

In addition to the school supplies, the city plans to distribute "Tanauan Citizen Cards" (TCC) to 60,000 households.

These cards grant two members of a household access to scholarships for two members of each family and a family-wide hospitalization insurance plan worth P10,000.

De la Piedra also highlighted the city's commitment to education by mentioning initiatives such as Third District Congresswoman Maitet Collantes' scholarship program, the distribution of textbooks from the Department of Education (DepEd), ongoing efforts to construct and prepare school buildings for the upcoming school year, including free seating, glass boards, and more.

Education as Priority

A certified academician being the owner of Tanauan Institute and former congressman, Mayor Sonny Collantes makes education a priority.

Shortly after the May 2022 elections, he championed several initiatives aimed at bolstering the city's educational programs.

Notably, he secured the 2023 budget for special education funds, endorsed the construction of the National Child Development Center, and sanctioned a specialized research program at Tanauan City High School focused on preserving the local Tawilis fish species.

Productive Citizens

Furthermore, the mayor's support extends to TESDA National Competency Levels I and II, along with the expansion of public school infrastructure through new building constructions.

Mayor Collantes expressed his commitment, saying, "We will continue to strengthen education in our city with unwavering dedication. This effort serves as a path for young Tanaueños to pursue their aspirations and evolve into capable, productive citizens."

He further announced, "Our collective mission to advance education quality in Tanauan City continues! I am thrilled to officially declare unanimous approval for the following resolutions:

  • Endorsed 2023 Special Education Fund (SEF) Budget
  • Launch of the National Child Development Center project
  • Specialized program for Science Research at Tanauan City High School, focusing on extending the lifespan of the Tawilis fish species
  • Implementation of TESDA National Competency Levels I and II for TVL Learners at Pantay Matanda IHS, Balele IHS, and Tanauan School of Fisheries, and
  • Construction of additional School Buildings within public educational institutions (Approved with amendments)

"Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to strengthen education within our city will persist. This initiative will pave the way for young Tanaueños to realize their dreams and evolve into skilled and industrious citizens of the future," Mayor Collantes passionately affirmed.

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