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EV homegrown startup develops app to help micro-businesses

Apr 6, 2021, 3:40 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


A Catbalogan City native has developed a mobile app that can help small and micro enterprises digitize their business and manage their operations better.

Our main goal is to jumpstart Philippine micro and small businesses to the digital world and put them at the heart of economic recovery for 2021 and beyond

DETERMINED to help the more than 6.9 million registered and unregistered small businesses in the Philippines, and roughly around 50,000 in Eastern Visayas alone, Peddlr Philippines, Inc., an internet company startup, develops an app to help them earn more and manage their operations better.

CEO and founder Nel Laygo, a native of Catbalogan City, said, “One of the challenges of businesses is recording their sales, inventory, and even compiling reports. We developed Peddlr, a mobile app to do all of that and more.”

Normally a POS (Point of Sales) device costs around P30,000 to P90,000 which is the main reason why small and micro-businesses have lower technology adoption rate.

"They can’t afford it. Peddlr is a smart version of that device and it’s free. On top of that, it works offline. No need for data or internet connection,” he explained.

Time-consuming and inefficient

“Most of the businesses still use pen and paper in their businesses, which is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. With Peddlr, they will be at par with big businesses with their own POS Systems,” Laygo added.

Peddlr is a Smart POS App that assists small and micro businesses in recording sales, log expenses and understand business performance.

The app generates easy-to-understand accounting reports and other data.

Free to use

Peddlr Philippines, Inc., is founded by a young group of professionals wherein all six of the founding team are from Eastern Visayas.

According to COO and co-founder Aiko Reyes, “peddlr is free to use. It’s been a very challenging journey, but even if the app is free, we made all the major features available to all users” she said.

“Our main goal is to jumpstart Philippine micro and small businesses to the digital world and put them at the heart of economic recovery for 2021 and beyond.”

“With complicated processes eliminated, micro and small businesses can easily adjust to the app. As of date since its rollout from app stores, it already has drawn more than 5,000 users, and its gaining popularity especially in the sari-sari store categories.”

The first android version of the app was released back in January 2021 and iOS version at the end of February 2021.

Initially started with a small group of users, now, on its 49th version update, the app is faster, better, more stable and has even more features, that’s why we’re ready to launch it nationwide,” explained Peddlr Marketing Director Aaron J.P. Almadro.

“When Peddlr grows, we will explore developing a version for desktop. For now, we’re focusing on the mobile app, since most businesses have easier access to smartphones,” Nelson Bathan, Jr. a co-founder said.

Since the app has Bluetooth capabilities, it is capable to print receipts, reports, and inventory database without the traditional desktop with CPU, printer, and cashbox.

“With the pandemic still ongoing, businesses are discovering going online and mobile, and we’re here to help them shift to this new tech. In fact, Peddlr is now the top one in Google searches, in the Appstore and also in GooglePlay, so I think we’re on the right track,” Laygo excitedly shared.

Available now in the Apple Appstore and GooglePlay Store, Peddlr can be easily searched and installed, and users are encouraged to join the “Peddlr User Community” Group in Facebook for further questions and technical support concerns. (RM)

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