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Let's cut some slack to our trike drivers

Feb 25, 2021, 12:18 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


Sorry, but the focus of our dear public officials has always been up there. It has always been up there.

Down below, as far as the business of transportation is concerned, our lowly tricycle drivers are neglected.

For all intents and purposes and as far as propping up her chances of getting elected to a higher post in the very near future, the whole nation applauded Sen. Grace Poe's panel in effectively pushing back the tide of implementing the controversial private motorcycle vehicle inspection system (MVIS).

Yes, that is "unconscionable" enough implementing it (MVIS) amid the pandemic as it will add more burden on the pockets of an already overburdened populace or motoring public.
Malacanang even intervened.
But what about our lowly tricycle drivers who are barely scraping by to make ends meet for their families?
Case in point is the Tricycle Regulatory Office-TRO Tanauan City.

Please allow me to post here in toto its official notice on social media on the city's official FB page:

"Good day to all.
We are informing you that this coming March (next month) our office will start to suspend and impound those who do not renew their Mayor's Permit. This is for those who did not renew last year and this month (Feb.).
We encourage those who have not renewed since last year until this month to arrange their Mayor's Permit this February. Please contact your Presidents on your TODA schedule for this month.
Thank you very much."

Yes, the Tricycle Regulatory Office-TRO Tanauan City, as a government organization "is mandated to register all tricycle units with franchises and to regulate and control their operations in the City of Tanauan pursuant to City Ordinance No. 2014-04."

But, alas, amid the pandemic, the city of Colors, which is transitioning to City of Hope, methinks should at the moment rethink and push back implementing the said ordinance and cut some slack for the time being for the trike drivers who may only have net incomes of P500 a day.

Some of them are even only on "boundaries" at P150 per day.
Other cities and municipalities in the whole province of Batangas, and perhaps the whole of PH, must take this unsolicited advice into consideration.
And we're sure of this.

Car owners have deeper pockets compared to trike drivers yet they were were given, afforded breathing space against the costly MVIS yes, in the name of COVID's disastrous effects on the pocket of many if not all Filipinos.
So why cannot we give it too to our dear tricycle drivers?

"Sabi nga, konting usog naman. Imbis na matulungan aba'y ginipit pa lalo."

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iTalk by Ismael Amigo

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