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Dare To #Ilisten. Your Truth Matters

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By Deniece Cornejo | Published: November 24, 2020


In late September, data released by the United Nations said lockdowns have led to increases in complaints or calls to report domestic abuse by 25 percent in Argentina, 30 percent in Cyprus and France and 33 percent in Singapore.

Recently, a Philippine Star article on violence against women and children (VAWC) showed that in the country, at least one woman or child is abused every 10 minutes.


Alarming Data On Abuse

It is alarming that data on the prevalence of intimate partner violence are recorded in at least 106 countries all over the world.

Essentially, all countries measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus as this had forced women and children to be confined at home.

Surprisingly — or not — reports on death, rape, assault, or abduction or threats towards women and children in their own homes mounted.

Sixty-five percent of them had been subjected to sexist remarks or abusive language.


Awareness Is The Key

The premise of the day is to raise awareness that it is a fact that women around the world are victims of abuse and subject to different kinds of harassment.

And they should also be cognizant that they do not have to tolerate these abuses and that there are authorities they could ask help from.

Women (and children) need not be scared to come out and report their abusers.

This is why the UN General Assembly designated November 25, this Wednesday, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

It is a virtual multi-stakeholder event to be participated in by high-level representatives of UN member-nations with speakers to tackle the issue of ending violence against womn..


Face Mask for A Cause: The Black and White Empowerment Movement

From our end, I initiated the Black and White Empowerment Face Mask movement to signify protest against abusers.

The black and white face mask is a symbol of our humble campaign and advocacy to curb persisting violence against women and children. This, I launched, in partnership with different international agencies.


Limited Edition

To support the cause of this advocacy, this limited-edition mask retails at P1,499.

It contains the special technology called Anion Strip which, according to research, helps with symptoms of depression while increasing alertness and relaxation for people who are in pain.

As we recover from the pandemic that killed the hopes and dreams of many women and children this year, the Anion Strip in the mask could aid in destroying and extracting from the surrounding air some types of bacteria and allergens that induce colds and influenza among other respiratory infections.

What’s more interesting is that it alleviates tension and stress in muscles and nerves while eliminating free radicals in the blood.

In a form, it also has pain-relieving effects that boosts the immune system.


Not Just A Mask

This is not just mask.

It is more than just a necessary precaution against the invisible enemy we are battling with.

It is also a symbol of how the truth is always silenced to the point of oblivion.

As we wear this face mask, we take part in a symbolic movement to empower women as they take a courageous stride against the atrocities they endured.

Long gone are the days when we could not or would not speak up for a number of reasons.

Today, as we protect our health, we silently ride the undercurrent of a campaign that has long found its footing.

Dare to listen. Dare to speak. Let the truth out.

Your truth matters, Right, Ladies?

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