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On The Recurring Problem Of Flooding

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Gov’t’s Lack Of Will To Solve It

By Roy Moraleta | Published: November 19, 2020


The convenient excuse to the problem of flooding, as has always been, is to always blame the natural attributes of this nation of islands.

While our geographical makeup seemed to have been accursed to forever suffer inundation and perennial flooding, we have a government that seem helplessly resigned to that recurring reality, as if it can’t really do nothing about it.

Quite clearly, I suppose, we have a government that is either unable or unwilling to really do something about it.


Serious Interventions

The awfulness of this problem of flooding is not some indistinct, misty and negligible horror to just ignore.

Yet, despite the significantly disturbing danger this problem is fated to further worsen and eventually inundate us all in no time just like what happened recently in Marikina, Bulacan and Cagayan, it is astounding why it seemed unable to effectively get  real attention of relevant government agencies.

The indifference and stubborn inaction of the government to really fix this problem of flooding may be rooted, after all, with the nature itself of the calamity – that flooding does naturally subsides, and so does the hasty sense of urgency to do some serious interventions about it.



Forget about the loss of lives and yes, the increasing frequency of loss of living and disruption of economy – they are but endemic reality the Filipino people have been used to, and probably have long accepted as their ill-fated destiny.

In fact, the resigned attitude has been named with a rather pleasant-sounding term: “Filipino Resilience,” glossing over the fact that the Filipino people didn’t have much choice after all.

The coined label gained notoriety after the onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Leyte and Samar islands when, in spite of the colossal ruined and unparalleled loss the Waray people have suffered, they have remained unbelievably unbowed.


Review Policies

The government could do something about this.

They can revisit their policies on disaster prevention and mitigation.

Congress could take a serious look at budget appropriations and start pouring in more money for no-nonsense infrastructure projects that will effectively address and decrease the pervasive problem of flooding, which by the way is a periodic problem almost anywhere in the country.

They could start building up structurally sound waterways, drainage and sewerage systems, canals, embankments and other necessary flood control systems.


Continuous Neglect

Otherwise, the continuous neglect the government is doing on this recurring problem of flooding would indicate not just its ineptitude and incompetence — they should be competent, on the contrary — to address a so basic, so elementary a concern the Filipino people rightly deserve.

More so, it could also review its sheer inability to figure out and really consider the recurrence as something significantly urgent and topmost concern they have been all this time shelving as something unimportant.

Only in seasons like now would this be in the radar of public discussions, and nothing more.

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